Igniter100 provides technical support, through which promising start-ups can develop the tools needed to grow. Entrepreneurs partnering with Igniter100 can expect not only development resources but also expertise, guidance and the mentorship to help them create and implement scalable solutions.

Igniter100 creates outsourced centres of excellence that will provide the expertise not from one, but from many projects and therefore significantly accelerate the time to market.

Igniter100 supports entrepreneurs who want to reinvent global B2B commerce. 

We believe that collaboration between forward-thinking entrepreneurs and a proven technology creator facilitates innovation and success.  We seek start-up companies who want to leverage their vision with Igniter100’s existing capabilities.

We love what we do

Expert guidance and mentorship

We all need a helping hand sometimes, right? The right guidance can boost your chances of success.

Software & IT Support

We have an in-house team of IT professionals and we can help you to develop and deliver your business ideas.

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