What Will Be The Most Exciting Fintech Trends In 2018?

Automation as a new lifestyle

There are very few things that are as certain when it comes to Fintech trends as the process of automation. There will be a huge shift in the way we handle all kinds of tasks and automation will become essential for consumers by the end of 2018. This means that people will be making financial decisions with automated software and many new apps are going to help people keep their finances in order with automation.

An automated way of life is inevitable mainly due to our need to save time. We are now living in a world that forces us to count the minutes of each day instead of the hours. This is making automation crucial for success and that is the reason why it will become such a powerful change for the modern citizen. We have seen a significant amount of automation happening already.

The era of digital Neobanks

The creating of user-friendly financial services that are provided from the comfort of smartphones and digital devices, in general, is rising. The idea is for these innovative financial services to offer a much better service to those who feel like they are given proper services with their current banking options.

The idea is for these Neobanks to offer all kinds of tools to help their clients handle their financing efficiently. This is definitely going to become a major trend by the end of 2018 and it will gain mainstream strength and momentum by mid-2019. This is definitely going to mark a completely new era in the world of banking.

There seems to be a very specific need for new banking technologies to be implemented in the mobile world and this has led to the created of these Neobanks.

AI will begin to take over

Artificial intelligence will start to take over the world. Not in a Skynet terminator kind of way, but there will be a huge change that is going to incorporate AI in many industries and sectors. This means that we will see a lot of changes in the way that customer service hotlines work and in the way customer interactions take place with companies before they deal with an actual person.

The implementation of AI is going to enter the financial world and it will also start to be seen in computers for daily activities. There are many ways in which AI can also be implemented for a large number of purposes in education and for all kinds of public services. The number of possibilities is nearly endless, but the point is that we are going to see a rise in AI implementation in the last few months of 2018.

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