Igniter100 provides funding and an offsite incubator environment, through which promising FinTech start-ups can find the resources and tools needed to thrive. Entrepreneurs partnering with Igniter100 can expect not only funding but also expertise, guidance and the mentorship of a partner to help them grow a successful and sustainable business.

Igniter100 harnesses the power of entrepreneurs to reinvent global B2B commerce. We strategically invest in entrepreneurs who have the vision to solve unmet business, technology and payment needs in our evolving global financial system.

We believe that collaboration between forward-thinking entrepreneurs and a proven global business facilitates innovation and success.  We seek start-up companies who want to leverage their vision with Igniter100’s existing capabilities.

We love what we do

Experienced entrepreneurs and advisors

Offering a wealth of experience, we have the knowledge to guide your start ups early stages.

Access to our huge client base

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Dedicated marketing and social media team

Social strategy is key for 21st century business. Our dedicated team make sure you have a strong presence online, across the key social channels.

Consolidated accounting and finance team

With a background in finance, we at Igniter know what's needed to keep the books in order.

Expert guidance and mentorship

We all need a helping hand sometimes, right? The right guidance can boost your chances of success.

Software & IT Support

Our IT team are on hand to help, whatever the issue.

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