Business and revenue models, which enable global commerce innovation with a focus (or product/service application) in any or all of the following areas: SaaS, Marketplace, Blockchain, Fintech, E-commerce and AI

Internal Projects

As a business, we put technology and innovation at the heart of all that we do, both internally and in collaboration externally.

Currently, we are 100% driven towards meeting our goals; working on three projects in-house by using our combined skills and expertise. Aladin is a platform that will be officially launched in January 2020, using a decentralised network to facilitate the next generation of Blockchain applications for multiple businesses.

Meanwhile, YouRent solves a common problem, using cutting-edge technology to list properties, offering discounted packages and services to landlords looking to save money in a highly competitive industry. Our third project involves Bizpad. This is an online management system for accountants, helping to manage their day to day activities through cloud-based software.